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​Every Thursday we arrive at the studio with a somewhat fluid plan for how we will fill our allotted  airtime. On 9-22-16, the girls agreed we were done discussing the whole Black Lives Matter/Blue Lives Matter/Colin K. sitting or kneeling during the National Anthem/etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum thing. For one night, they declared a moratorium on that whole issue. So much has been said, so much has happened. So much will be said, and so much more will happen. We are headed down a slippery slope where "United we stand, divided we fall" has ceased to be worth a damn.

Yeah, I am white, the co-hosts are white. And? Our engineer is black, three out of five planned musical guests for September are black, and we share Thursday night with a number of black-hosted shows. How the hell did abuse of authority and police brutality become a race thing? Of course black lives matter: Thursday nights at the radio station would suck without them!

And while we are at it, when did police brutality become about disrespecting the National Anthem in protest in the very country that allows you the freedom of speech to do so? What the hell are you expecting to accomplish? What's the real message here? What do you want me to understand?
You think that racial discrimination and profiling still exist in our country, and that it proves dangerous to the point of loss of life every day. You are angry that we haven't come any further than that. You've had enough, and something has to be said. Something has to be done!
I am with you. I am. But I am white. And you are asking me to join the chant "Black Lives Matter!" and say it is okay to respect my country. Ummmm….

United we stand. Divided we fall. Give me a way to stand with you. Stop dividing yourself from me. I want to stand with you against the bad guys, who never get the punishment we would get if we killed someone in cold blood. I am horrified and disgusted by the videos of unarmed people being gunned down by police. I am pissed at the lack of consequences. Hell, I am pretty damn mad you can spend months in the Grand Prairie jail because you were too poor to pay for insurance, and you sure couldn't pay for the outrageous ticket you got because the police heavily patrol the poor areas at the very time of the month that rent is due! And where are they when someone breaks in, and your shit is being stolen? Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness. Protect me. Serve to guarantee my life and liberty. Make it safe to pursue my happiness.

I digress. 

We, the people, are NOT HAPPY with LARGE PORTIONS of what police presence means in our lives. Yes, there are good cops, but that doesn't mean the bad ones should literally get away with murder. I applaud your efforts to say something, do something, anything, to stop having unfairness from and abuse by those with armed authority be ignored. Thank you for making it top news and on everyone's lips and mind every single day.

I want to join the rallying cry so much. Strength in numbers. I want to. But I can't. We have to be able to be on the same side. But you are asking me to choose: saying one race matters and it's okay to disrespect my country, or I am so done with the abuses to life and liberty doled out by the police. Why are you making it so hard for me to join you?

Anyone can quote the numbers and statistics. Anyone can post pictures of "good" cops or "bad" cops, of any race, at work for or against any race. Not the point. Not the point at all.
How about a new rallying cry? After much pondering, I think I have one. When the presence of police has been unwelcome in past experience, and even in the movies, a derogatory word has been used for those in uniform. So how about this?

"Pigs Can't Fly!"

It still elicits a "duh!" response, but I think everyone in this country can get behind a rallying cry that really speaks to the issue at hand. "Bad" cops should not get away with bad actions, any more than any citizen of this country should. And if we don't all stand up as one people, this shit will change, as the old saying goes, when pigs can fly. So, yeah…
Black Lives Matter! Pigs Can't Fly! Black Lives Matter! Pigs Can't Fly!

Done. @pennythesecretary out.​